Dickson Marine

Dickson Marine

Sunworker Marine

Sunworker Marine combines transparency, resistance and fineness with visual and thermal comfort. Made using the Rachel Trameur method of weaving, it boasts excellent mechanical strength. Its regular grain and micro-aerated look ensure transparency that filters both sun light and solar heat. The fact that it has passed numerous European fire-resistance tests (M1, B1, Class1) makes it an ideal fabric for use in marine applications. Sunworker M1 is available in widths of 150cm and 300 cm. It is mainly used for windscreen covers in marine applications.

Sunworker Cristal

Made by bonding a length of Sunworker fabric to a thin sheet of translucent PVC, Sunworker Cristal combines all the advantages of an open-weave fabric (contact with the exterior, natural light) with those of a coated one (watertightness, resistance to tearing, easy maintenance…). It is idealy used for bimini tops and windscreen covers.


Surlast can be used for many applications that require UV protection, including boat covers, bimini tops, boat storage covers, furniture covers, tonneau covers, luggage, and camping enclosures just to name a few. Surlast is a very colour fast protective material. Since it is solution-dyed the colours will not fade or wash out. Surlast stands up to wind, rain, pollutants and chemicals that will make other fabrics fade. It has high UV, mould and mildew resistance. Has excellent tear and abrasion resistance, is non-abrasive to gel-coat and other popular marine finishes and has outstanding silk screen adhesion. Backed by a three-year manufacturer’s limited warranty.

Seaguard Flex

Seaguard offers perfect water tightness, optimum resistance to external effects and high dimensional stability. Seaguard fabrics have an exclusive varnished finish, derived from the latest automotive technology. The surface is soft to the touch and stands up to extreme temperatures. Seaguard fabrics have a front and back coating that offers a genuine shield against mildew. Seaguard fabrics are ideal for winter covers, fitted covers for seats consoles and dinghies.



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