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A wide range of solids for an endless selection and a perfect match.
Fourteen new products, some of them with brand new colours (copper) and new yarns (Nacre, Granny and Charon).


New stripes ideal for indoor and outdoor use and easy to coordinate.
Twelve new items: choose a classic, timeless stripe with its play on light and dark (Riviera) or a lively stripe awash in colour (Confetti).


A soft cotton effect that hangs well.
Six natural, contemporary colours, with one new colour.


A two-toned ottoman fabric.
Six brand new colours, including natural hues evoking wood textures and bright hues with a more decorative touch.

Jacquard Siam

A chintz look accentuated by flame-buttoned yarn. Very decorative, high-end and timeless.
Three thick, textured products.

Jacquard Edgar

A very geometric retro chic pattern. Products that belong to the Renaissance line. Very decorative, high-end and timeless
Six thick, textured products.


An irregular piqué fabric with a strong decorative effect
Nine new fabrics with iridescent hues and subtle, elegant highlights (the colour changes depending on the angle of vision)


Textured fabric
Five new lightly dyed dark colours, making them timeless and sophisticated.


A new textured jacquard construction with a unique feel.
Six items in neutral shades with a distressed look.


A mottled weave effect designed for comfort and especially suited for deckchairs.
Three new colours with a mottled, metallic or denim look.


Soft, two-toned fabric (no lining is necessary).
Fourteen products that will tempt you to stay home and relax.


A new heavy cotton weave, with a feeling of thickness and depth in bright, almost fluorescent, colours.


Three reinventions of tartan in bold colour lines.
Mac: a very contemporary pattern in cocktail colours.
James: a luxury luggage pattern with a stitching effect.
Scotch: a classic look par excellence in natural shades evoking flannel.
Seven products with a very chic and dandy look.



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